Mascagni Prize 2023 participation

Press Release . 2023-12-07
Mascagni Prize 2023 participation

SAMP Group enthusiastically participated in the 12th edition of the prestigious Mascagni Prize, a highly anticipated event that saw the involvement of over 30 local firms vying for the coveted title, generously sponsored by Confindustria and the esteemed newspaper, Il Resto del Carlino. While the first prize eluded us on this occasion, our joy in being part of such a significant event was strong.

The competition provided a valuable platform for networking and collaboration, allowing us to engage with a diverse array of talented entrepreneurs hailing from the vibrant Emilia Romagna region. The experience was not just about the pursuit of victory but also about the exchange of ideas and the celebration of innovation within our local business community.

At SAMP Group, we believe that participation itself is a triumph, and the connections forged during this event are invaluable. We look forward to future opportunities to contribute to and be a part of the thriving entrepreneurial spirit that defines our region. Our sincere gratitude goes to Confindustria and Il Resto del Carlino for orchestrating this remarkable event, and to all the participants who made it a memorable and enriching experience for us.

In the picture, our team meets with Valter Caiumi, president of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, and Elena Zacchiroli, widow of Paolo Mascagni, the successful entrepreneur whose name is dedicated to the prize.

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