New beginnings


As an economic alternative to replacing your entire machine SAMP now offers a comprehensive and cost-efficient revamping service for our customers.

Many SAMP machines have been in near-continuous production for decades, and even the most regularly serviced will show signs of age and wear. Our engineers often find that the major elements of your old machine are still in an exceptionally good and serviceable condition, though some essential parts may be hard to repair, replace, or even maintain.

To avoid the significant costs of replacing the whole unit SAMP can refurbish your machine and upgrade all the critical parts to precisely meet your current needs, as a highly cost-efficient solution to improve quality, production, and profitability.

enduring quality and precision


Rather than invest in building brand new production capacity why not consider refurbishing and recommissioning your existing machine?

The SAMP revamping program has for several years been working very successfully with our established customers and is well proven as an economical alternative to a traditional investment in new capacity. This is especially beneficial when no extra new capacity is needed or when machines are transferred from one production site to another.

Your machine may have been operating satisfactorily for more than 20 years, yet perhaps the availability of some electrical parts has become limited or even non-existent. You may find it impossible to connect to your factory IT systems or perhaps you just want to upgrade the electronic components. Or you may want to continue with the same product mix and want further lifetime value from your machine if possible. In all these cases and many more, revamping is a compelling option to boost your profitability.

The SAMP revamping program takes place at our SAMP HQ factory where we conduct a complete engineering analysis of your machine, estimate the parts to be replaced and prepare a detailed schedule of works. The machine is then completely dismantled, repaired, re-assembled and thoroughly tested before we deliver it back to your site for installation and recommission. The final revamping cost is precisely agreed after the dismantling of the machine and all of the replacement parts are defined and agreed with our customer.

SAMP Revamp