export skills for your machine

Training is the key to reach outstanding performance

Every SAMP machine is carefully designed to be very operator-friendly and easy to use. We always recommend that your machine operators receive our expert training to meet the precise needs of the machine and your production line, including details of the machine’s operations, their efficient management, manufacturing processes, and the essential aspects of on-site service and maintenance.

Optimising production

training to meet your needs

SAMP is known for building wire and cable machines with outstanding standards of quality and reliability, with a world-class level of service to increase performance and productivity for our customers.

This includes essential training on our new machines which can take place at our site while your machine is being calibrated and tested, or alternatively on your premises once the machine has been delivered and fully commissioned.

SAMP also offers a range of specialist training courses at our Bologna HQ and across our global offices, which can be tailored to match your precise training needs and machine capabilities, including courses on servicing, extrusion, or wire drawing. Please ask your SAMP contact for more details.

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