Our Spare Parts feature an extra plus. Only until the 4th of November.

Press Release . 2022-10-18

One of our priorities is to design modular machine tools to offer a performing product overtime, despite the obsolescence of its specific components. That is why we provide a variety of Spare Parts for our customers’ machines, making sure they last as long as they can while guaranteeing a solid return on investment.

This service has now become even more convenient, and up until the 4th of November 2022 our clients can purchase our Spare Parts currently in stock with a 15% discount until stock runs out.

If your SAMP Group machine tool is in need of Spare Parts we advise to seize the opportunity. These parts are ready for delivery, but given the number of requests we expect they may not last for long. To benefit from the discount and enquire about the availability of one or more parts, send an email to spareparts@sampgroup.com specifying your machine tool(s) serial number and class, in addition to the Spare Part(s) you need.

Do not wait for too long and take advantage of this offer before it expires.

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