Founded in 1936 as Società Anonima Meccanica di Precisione, SAMP supplies precision machines, spare parts and services to leading wire and cable manufacturers around the globe from locations in Italy, China, Brazil and the United States. Consistent with its long history of superior engineering and Italian craftsmanship, the company designs and manufactures the most innovative and high-performance machines in the industry.

At SAMP, customers’ needs are our focus and their targets of efficiency, productivity, flexibility, sustainability are our priority. Our systems and lines are designed and developed in order to maximize the production of wire and cable. In doing so, building a stable and trustful relation is a priority as well as sharing expertise and knowledge. Moreover, we have always paid special attention to the development of patented technologies making up for considerable savings on the whole manufacturing process. The end result is a final product produced to the tightest tolerances with minimum waste of resources.

We do not sell single products, but instead we offer high-quality solutions in order to maximize your profit. SAMP has always invested in technology and training in order to build stable and high-skilled teams of engineers who are able to offer clients the best possible solution. Our range of machines and lines stretches from wire drawing to extrusion and bunching. Our development strategy for wire drawing equipment has anticipated market trends when it comes to energy savings and top-level flexibility.

SAMP extrusion equipment completes the product range of wire drawing and bunching equipment to form a homogeneous, worry-free manufacturing line, from the rod to the finished cable. Our extrusion lines are characterized by top process stability at high production speeds and guarantee minimal energy dispersion. Our wide range of extruders is designed to process all common types of insulation materials, ensuring you superior flexibility.

At SAMP, we like to assess clients’ needs under a holistic view in order to offer a more efficient and high quality solution. All customers are treated as unique despite their size and importance on the market. In this view, we design and supply stand-alone machines or complete lines to suit their complete wire and cable production reality.

We have a stable worldwide presence with 4 subsidiaries and 3 production plants operating in five continents ensuring tight relations with the customers strengthened by a reliable and prompt customer service and spare parts department.

We believe that a successful product is the result of ongoing researches. In doing so, we listen our clients’ needs and invest on innovation and technology, offering them the best possible solution available on the market.


The management of SAMP is made up of a strong team, thanks to the combination of experienced directors and high-skilled professionals specialized in their own field.
In this way it is possible to manage a truly global company.

Teodoro Ceglia
Joined SAMP in 2008

Federico Bussola
Sales Director
Joined SAMP in 2013


Thanks to our geographical expansion, we are never so far from you. We manufacture in 3 continents most of the world.

SAMP S.r.l.
via Saliceto 15
40010 Bentivoglio (BO)

T: +39 051 6319 411

10522 Governor Lane Blv.
Williamsport, MD 21795

T: +1 301 223 8584
F: +1 301 223 8542

Sampsistemi Changzhou
No. 10 Fukang Road, Xinbei District,
Changzhou 213000 Jiangsun Province
T: +86 519 854 83 550

Cortinovis do Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Máquinas
Avenida Piraporinha, 1073-G10
São Bernardo do Campo (SP)
09891-000 Brazil
T: +55 11 4341-5111


SAMP wishes to formalize its commitment to achieve customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and workers’ health and safety. The Quality Management System of SAMP has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.


Knowledge and innovation are the two key words that have marked our history and expansion. We never stopped and our business started with the steel drawing machines, it evolved and expanded its border to bunching and extrusion machines as well as different raw materials. Our know-how is based on a strong combination of innovation and knowledge.

Throughout our years of history and by working in different countries for different industries, we gained a strong amount of technical expertise, market knowledge and experience. We strongly believe that, especially today where the competition is extremely challenging, knowledge is a great competitive advantage for companies to triumph among competitors. Clients are the centre of our focus and help them win their competition leading their market by sharing our broad knowledge and expertise has always been our value.

Our knowledge is constantly fed by our network of local companies and strategic partners, by sharing their own knowledge. All SAMP employees are part of a great network which has been built day by day . A network where they can find updated information and relevant experience in order to provide the best cost effective solution to clients requests.