Decree of transfer of Sampsistemi

On October 13th 2021, the Court in Bologna issued a decree confirming the final transfer of Sampsistemi S.r.l. and Sampsistemi-Extrusion S.r.l. assets to  SAMP S.r.l., its investors and management shareholders.

This is a big step forward for employees, suppliers, partners, and of course SAMP’s valued customers, who can once again rely on its machines and after sales service to keep their wire and cable factories running smoothly around the clock and around the world.

The acquisition guarantees business continuity as SAMP’s operations as a whole, its 80+ years of cable industry experience, knowledgeable employees and production sites (Bentivoglio, Shanghai, Williamsport and São Paulo) will all be maintained.

Customers will immediately benefit from the positive effects of this step forward for the company. They can once again count on a reliable partner able to help them successfully master today’s wire and cable production challenges and tomorrow’s new opportunities.

According to Teodoro Ceglia, CEO of SAMP S.r.l., “We are pleased to re-establish SAMP as a global leader in the wire drawing, bunching, stranding and extrusion machines. Our production equipment plays a critical role around the world in enabling the energy transition and IT revolutions.”